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Statement on Prince Edward Island's Housing Strategy

Today's release of the Prince Edward Island government's so-called "housing strategy" is nothing short of a pathetic attempt to save face in the midst of a crisis that this government has exacerbated through its sheer ineptitude.

This document is a testament to the government's utter incompetence, complete lack of vision, and stunning disregard for the well-being of Islanders. Instead of offering tangible solutions to the housing crisis plaguing Islanders, the document is an attempt to mask the government's own incompetence and lack of vision.

Let's call it what it truly is: a sham. This so-called strategy offers nothing but recycled rhetoric and empty promises. It’s completely void of substance and is an insult to every single person struggling to find housing in our province. Where are the bold ideas needed to get us out of the housing crisis? Where is the urgency?  Where is the compassion for the countless Islanders who are living with the housing crisis while this government sits idly by, twiddling its thumbs? 

It's abundantly clear that this government is devoid of any meaningful plan to address the urgent housing needs of our province. Once again, the Minister of Housing has failed to deliver anything of substance, demonstrating a complete lack of capability to lead on this critical issue.

Islanders deserve solutions. They deserve a government that is willing to roll up its sleeves and tackle the housing crisis head-on with bold ideas and concrete action. Instead, they get a government that is just not up to the job.  


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