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Leader of the Official Opposition Reaction to Community Outreach Centre’s Relocation

The King government’s request for a one-year variance to move the Community Outreach Centre was approved yesterday by City Council. Time after time, we have seen these services moved from one place to another in Charlottetown. And in every case, the situation has gotten worse.


The Conservative government’s current plan to centralize services within a single compound appears ill-considered – and is more of an attempt to conceal government’s ineptitude.

We need:

  • Twenty-four-hour shelters;

  • De-centralized services tailored to individuals in separate locations that address unique needs; and

  • Greater reliance on professionally delivered services and security for surrounding communities.

Sadly, it appears the Conservatives appear to believe that constantly moving these services represents some sort of solution. It is not. The King government's decision to overlook the operational issues within the centre reflects a lack of commitment to the well-being of vulnerable Islanders. This is deeply unfair to the people who require services – and ignores legitimate public and community concerns.


At the very least, I believe the Conservative government must publicly explain what they’ve learned from their mistakes at the current location. Presumably, they’ve done a complete review of the services being offered to improve the current Outreach Centre model because their "do-nothing" approach so far has had consequences. And in this case, it has perpetuated the suffering of vulnerable people and is a grave disservice to the community.


Media Contact

Robert Godfrey

Office of the Official Opposition



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