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Liberal Official Opposition Outlines 2023-34 Budget Priorities

Today, the Liberal Official Opposition responded to Premier King’s request for input to his government’s upcoming Speech from the Throne and 2023-24 Operating Budget.

· Healthcare

· Affordability

· Seniors

· Poverty and Housing

· Education, Early Learning and Childcare

· Diversity and Inclusion

· Workforce, Skills and Training

· Economic Growth

· Land, Energy and Climate Change

“Many Islanders have put their confidence in the King Government for another term, as Official Opposition, we expect this government to advance their campaign commitments in a timely manner and act in the best interest of all Islanders,” said Hal Perry, Leader of the Official Opposition.

The upcoming Speech from the Throne is an opportunity for the Premier to present his government’s vision for Prince Edward Island for the next four years. Similarly, the government’s operating budget will set the tone for their priorities in year one.

“We have responded in responsible way with clear suggestions for the Premier’s consideration. Our only expectation is to finally see clear plan to address Islanders’ concerns around access to healthcare, housing and affordability.”

“We are an energized Liberal caucus that takes its role as Official Opposition seriously,” said Perry.

“We look forward to holding this Government to account and are committed to being the responsible voice of Islanders in the Legislature.”


Media Contact

Robert Godfrey

Official Opposition Office


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