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No Immediate Help for Islanders inKing Government’s Capital Budget

Budget Document Long on Promises, Short on Deliverables

November 2, 2022

The King Government’s capital budget introduced today provides little comfort for Islanders facing record inflation and a housing shortage on the Island, says Third Party MLA Gord McNeilly (Charlottetown-West Royalty).

“It sounds like a rosy picture, all this additional money that’s committed on paper,” he said. “But until we see some short- and medium-term solutions to some pressing issues, the budget is just numbers in a book.”

McNeilly pointed out even though the budget promises to create 365 affordable housing units, that number is spread out over the next five years. Furthermore, the government still hasn’t delivered on its commitment last year to create 100 units – only about half have been create with some of them through purchasing existing units, which doesn’t increase the housing supply on PEI.

“This government has taken a wait-and-see approach for the past three years,” said McNeilly. “And now, it’s reaching back into the past to find excuses and blame past administrations.”

McNeilly was also skeptical that funding for healthcare capital projects would be delivered on time and on budget. “Electronic medical records which would help healthcare professionals provide better care with a patient’s medical history were promised years ago and still haven’t materialized,” he said.

“I don’t think Islanders can be fooled with these promises of what this government says is record spending when we’re likely months away from an election,” said McNeilly.


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