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Perry Slams Government's Alarming Neglect in Addressing Skilled Labour Shortage Amidst Housing Crisis

The government's failure to align skilled immigration with the needs of the Island workforce reflects a woeful disregard for the pressing challenges facing our province, says the Leader of the Official Opposition.

“Their do-nothing approach exacerbates the housing crisis and completely misses the mark to address critical labour gaps in the construction industry. We know that access to housing has never been worse and the construction industry’s biggest need is skilled workers, but without that right skilled labour, there's no possible way to build more housing,” said Perry.

In the wake of a damning census report revealing that less than one in 40 newcomers to PEI possess trade skills or training, the Leader of the Official Opposition condemns the government's egregious failure to prioritize skilled labour immigration. This shocking revelation unfolds against the backdrop of a severe housing crisis and a dire shortage of skilled workers, laying bare the King government’s complete disregard for the well-being of Islanders.

“The numbers speak volumes, with less than 1 in 40 newcomers equipped with the necessary skills to contribute to the current needs of the Island's workforce. This oversight directly contributes to the escalating housing crisis, as skilled workers are essential in addressing the intricate challenges our Island faces.”

"It is awful that, in the face of a housing emergency and a critical shortage of skilled workers, the government remains astonishingly indifferent," said Perry. "Their do-nothing approach to addressing this crisis is not just disappointing; it's a dereliction of duty to the people of PEI."

The Leader of the Official Opposition calls on the government to immediately rectify this gross mismanagement by implementing policies that prioritize skilled labour immigration that align with the needs of our province.


Media Contact:

Robert Godfrey

Official Opposition Office



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