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Premier Cannot Forget Small Businesses When he’s Making Big Decisions

Given the struggles Island small businesses have been facing for the last three years, the Premier should have considered the negative impact of a third statutory holiday in the month of September, says Liberal Economic Development Critic Hal Perry.

“The Premier cannot forget about small Island businesses when he’s making big decisions. They are the backbone of communities and employ Islanders tip to tip,” says Perry.

In recognition of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, Premier Dennis King and his Cabinet have declared Monday, Sept. 19 as a one-time statutory holiday on Prince Edward Island.

“The Island was built on small and medium sized businesses, that’s what we love about this place. But many have struggled to survive the last three years and now they’re being hit with an unexpected statutory holiday.

“Island businesses want to know the rationale for making September 19th a statutory holiday when other provinces are simply marking it as a provincial holiday to ease the burden on small business. What is this Premier doing to ease pressure on small businesses?”

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